Connect globally with other students to create maps that support real-world challenges.,Learn - share - and exchange the results of your mapping projects.,Use open geospatial data in your thesis or dissertation.
AFFILIATE with the youthmappers international network of chapters,ENGAGE in organized activities - leadership experiences - and collaborations to create and use open spatial data for actual humanitarian and development needs,APPLY to competitive opportunities and fellowships for support to study - analyze - and do your research with open geospatial data

we don't just build maps. we build mappers.


Start a new university chapter or affiliate your existing campus student group with Youth Mappers. We will provide advice for how you can set one up – just sign up and check the appropriate interest box to receive more guidance. The academic institutions of approved groups automatically become part of the MappersU consortium.

Who should be part of a Youth Mappers chapter?
What does it cost?
How many students form a chapter?
May we include members who are not university students in our chapter?
Can we affiliate our existing student club or group?
May there be more than one group approved at each university?
What will we need to provide to affiliate with Youth Mappers?
How does our group remain active in the Youth Mappers network?
What does an annual report include?
What are the benefits of being an affiliated chapter?
What is the relation of a student group/chapter to the MappersU consortium?
Can I sign up without being part of a university student chapter?


Coming in 2016-2017:

Members of active Youth Mappers student chapters will be eligible to apply for leadership recognition, female mappers program, and student research fellowships. Sign up to receive news and alerts.

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